About product:
We supply all kinds of cell phones accessories and parts. Most of them from our own factories, and others get from top manufacturers in this field. We only deal with high quality and good finished products and serve to quality concerned customers. We keep inventories all the time, for spare parts, LCDs, data cables, clips, equipments, tool kits, we can make the delivery as soon as get your payment.
About the sample:
We offer samples for quality test or any other business purpose, but you are kindly invited to pay for samples and the freight, if you have an effective account of DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc., you don't need to pay the express charge. We will use it to send a sample. Meanwhile when you make order, we can deduct your sample payment form the order amount.
About quality and warranty:
We have strict quality inspection system from material to finished products, all products quality is guaranteed. For defective or false products, we can replace and make up for you without any reason and you no need return the defective ones to us.
About the shipment:
Goods can be shipped by express courier, airway, ocean way

By express courier, it is a door to door service, your can get goods within 4 days about after delivery effected, and also you can check the package status online with its tracking No. Generally we use DHL, FEDEX, UPS, EMS, and TNT etc. For the freight rate and tracking service please come to our help links page.

By airway, it is an air port to air port service, you can get goods within 10 days about after delivery effected, there is no tracking No. And also you shall pick up the goods from the appointed airport by yourself and clear custom. The freight is cheaper than express.

By ocean way, it is for big order, it will take about 15 days to 30 days for the delivery according to different line, and you shall pick up the goods by yourself and clear custom.


About payment:
We accept T/T in advance by bank transfer and Western union. By western union, we can get your payment within 24 hours after you make the payment. We suggest you pay by western union in case that needs goods urgently. After arranging payment, please kindly fax or email us your bank or western union receipt and write your PI No.: on it, that will help us proceed your order more effectively.
  About product
About the sample
About quality and warranty
About the shipment
About payment

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